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Welcome to The Manitoba Traveller!

I’m a Manitoban by choice who loves to travel and discover the corners of the land around him. I’m also a photography hobbyist always searching for new subjects and places to shoot.

Every year, when the winter ends and the province resurfaces from its long hibernation, I waste no time to start my personal daytripping season. I tend to avoid the destinations that every Manitoban knows like the palm of their hand; I prefer to explore.

Unfortunately, for those of us who rather avoid the beaten path in this province, travel resources available are very limited, especially online (where they are scarce at best).

More often than not, you can’t find precise directions to the small town you want to visit. Or maybe you don’t know what time of the year is best to travel there; or if that tiny little museum that you once heard about will be open.

Sometimes your destination doesn’t have an official website… or even an unofficial one.

Enter: The Manitoba Traveller.

This will be a record of the relevant data of my daytrips to different parts of Manitoba. I will try to illustrate each place with photos, provide some meaningful bits of information, throw in a link or two, and make your travel planning a bit easier.

If I’m lucky, this website will help fellow Manitobans and visitors discover our wonderful province.

Thanks for your visit, and stay tuned.


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